Q3 2022 plans of the BlackHat project

BlackHat Coin
1 min readJul 20, 2022

Q2 2022 was an amazing period with a lot of hard work and great results of BlackHat team, let’s summarize the main of them for those three months:

  • BlackHat merchant payment processing system release. Remember that all online stores are able to use it to accept payments in BLKC (using public and private crypto transactions);
  • coin burning event, 200 000 BLKC were burned (read more about it);
  • BlackHat MasterNode monitoring system;
  • and for sure release of the big update with BLKC token on Binance Smart Chain! We are tradable on PancakeSwap, 1Inch and SushiSwap now. Everyone is welcome to become a liquidity provider.

Let’s open our plans for Q3 2022 :

  • wrapped BLKC token on Ethereum chain (ERC20);
  • new exchange listing;
  • big celebrating event dedicated to reaching 1000 Masternodes in BlackHat ecosystem;
  • coin burning event;
  • ongoing blockchain updates;
  • marketing activities (we will try t concentrate on them).

We will make research for next tokenized chain for BLKC to diversify possibilities of our community.

We updated our RoadMap, stay tuned with our news in main BlackHat socials.

sincerely yours BlackHat Team

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