BlackHat enters the world of DeFi with BLKC token on Binance Smart Chain

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2 min readJun 29, 2022


BlackHat team are glad to announce another major update of our project, tokenized version of BLKC (the name will be the same as an original coin).

From now BLKC token is available on Binance Smart Chain with official contract address: 0x8626264b6a1b4e920905efd381002aba52ea0eea
and this info is already on CMC and Coingecko pages

Two-way bridge is available to swap in both directions:
BlackHat mainnet <-> BLKC token on BSC on our OTC exchange.

We are also glad to tell you that BLKC token is already available on PancakeSwap and MetaMask

NOTE: please be careful with the token contract address and always double check it before you do any swap on DEX and/or wallet.

BLKC token has been added to Pancake Swap Dex and is available immediately with BLKC / BNB pair for trading and Liquidity Providers.

However, after numerous discussions within the team, it was decided to provide a symbolic amount of liquidity for this pair, while inviting members of the community to become liquidity providers! The team does not exclude the possibility of opening its own liquidity pool in the near future, but we are currently directing the available funds for the further development of the project.

This marks the first step for BlackHat project into the expansive world of DeFi. More steps will be coming soon.

More information about BLKC token and BlackHat OTC updates can be found at the following link:
# OTC price change | BLKC token | referral system[link]

We look forward to bringing future updates to this and all aspects of BlackHat project!

BlackHat Team
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