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4 min readJan 19, 2024

And once again about our current activity guys: the BlackHat project gets the opportunity to transfer coins to the blockchain of the TON ecosystem in the form of a token and… on January 23, 2024, our token will be able to be traded on two exchanges of this network: and xRocket

In connection with the upcoming listings, we also decided to once again touch upon a number of issues that we faced when interacting with users who previously worked only with tokens of this blockchain:

From now BLKC token is available on TON chain with official contract address

1. BLKC token on TON chain has an official contract address:
and this info is already on CMC and Coingecko pages
As usual two-way bridge is available to swap in both directions on our OTC exchange:
BlackHat mainnet <-> BLKC token on TON
NOTE: please be careful with the token contract address and always double check it before you do any swap on DEX and/or wallet.
More information about BLKC token and BlackHat OTC updates can be found at the following link (the description of the article is about BSC swapping but the way to swap BLKC to TON, Ethereum and Polygon is the same): # OTC price change | BLKC token | referral system[link]

2. A question about the BLKC token.
You can find the circulating sypply, the number of masternodes of the project and the BlackHat block explorer at the following address:
You should understand that the maximum emission of the project’s coins is 21 million, and the current emission reflects the coins already issued by the blockchain. It is the current issue that shows how many coins and tokens exist at the moment. The team cannot issue additional tokens on any network (including TON) without transferring some of the coins from the main network to the desired tokenized form.

Let’s look at an example:
At the moment the BlackHat blockchain explorer shows that the circulating supply is 11,030,253 BLKC coins. At the same time, the study of shows that there are 34,387.13 BLKC tokens in the TON network (that is, someone has already transferred some of their coins to this network in the specified amount).
This means that 10,995,866 coins are on the mainnet of our blockchain and/or other networks (we also have bridges to BSC, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon). That is, only by passing mainnet coins through our bridge (see point 1) you can increase the number of BLKC tokens in the TON network, other emission is not possible. At the same time, by returning tokens to the main network, you reduce the emission of the token in the TON network.

3. Why TON and why did we make bridges to other networks?
According to our (and not only) forecasts, the TON ecosystem will be one of the most actively growing blockchain ecosystems in the near future. This will naturally affect the number of audiences of all projects working with this blockchain in one form or another. In November 2023, at a conference in Singapore, representatives of the TON Foundation announced that in the coming years they would work on mass adoption in the TON ecosystem based on the Telegram messenger. A number of their steps already show the seriousness of their intentions.
From the perspective of our privacy-focused project, we see that regulators and government agencies are making increasing efforts to combat the anonymity of transactions. This is also evidenced by the increasing delisting of private coins from CEX exchanges. This is why the ability to trade our coin using bridges to other chains and the capabilities of various DeFi platforms will only become relevant over time.

Thus, while staying on the mainnet, you can always use the already implemented utilities of the project:
- Private Transactions
- Cheque system (rewards, donations, invoicing)
- Merchant system (which allows you to implement the API in any online store and receive private payment for your goods and services)
- Trading on Exchanges that support BLKC

At the same time, you have the opportunity to transfer the BLKC coin to another network, for example, to TON, and trade it on the platforms of this blockchain.

4. We have set a listing date on the and xRocket exchanges for January 23, but you can already buy coins or tokens of the project for your purposes. If you want to prepare in advance for the start of trading on the platforms in question, then you can buy a coin on the mainnet right now and transfer it to the tone ecosystem using our bridge.

NOTE: So far, there is no liquidity from the team on Please trade with caution if liquidity appears there before the official announcement of the BlackHat team. Our liquidity will be blocked and we will let you know in advance. we will also consider the possibility of adding to other trading platforms of the TON network in near future

To sum up: the BlackHat project, entering the networks of other blockchains, provides its fans with additional utilities by expanding trading platforms. If you are a supporter of private transactions, then you can always continue to stay on the main network of the project and interact with other users on the condition of anonymity.

sincerely yours BlackHat Team 😎

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