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2 min readJun 29, 2022


By the time we launch the tokenized version of BLKC coin on the Binance Smart Chain, we have also prepared a number of changes and updates in the operation of our OTC.

  1. Already now, using our OTC exchange, you can swap BLKC coins you have to BLKC tokens on BSC or buy BLKC coins/tokens with supported cryptocurrencies

2. In order to automate the process of buying coins directly from the team, as well as to increase the attractiveness of such cooperation on our OTC, we:
- made the cost of BLKC at the OTC dependent on the market value (the cost still remains above the market value, but changes automatically);
- implemented a system of discounts (the discount depends on the amount of coins purchased)

By the way, you have two options to pay commission on OTC:
- using the balances of another coins to pay the fee (supported at OTC)
- paying the fee with BLKC balance

The fee in BLKC is a little bit higher than when paying with other coins. this is done intentionally in order to give users who are interested in the operation of the tokenized part of our ecosystem to support the project.

3. Regarding the work of the referral system, everything is quite simple: we suggest you to get your referral link in our system and share it on your social networks, with friends and in other groups (within reason, we are not in favor of spam). Each time your referrals buy BLKC you’ll receive 1% as a reward in BLKC from amount purchased.

If you need some help with OTC just use the link

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