Q2 2024 RoadMap

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3 min readApr 15, 2024

Greetings to all BlackHats.
The team congratulates everyone on the long-awaited “warming”: the end of crypto-winter and the beginning of crypto-spring!

As part of this article, we would like to talk about the work done in the Q1, as well as touch on the planned points on the roadmap for the Q2 of 2024.

and this has already been done in Q1:

  • Listing BLKC token of The Open Network (TON) on xRocket exchange
  • Listing BLKC token of The Open Network (TON) on DEX. As usual, we added and blocked liquidity on several DEXs of the TON ecosystem (Dedust.io and Ston.fi) Unfortunately, the administration of the Dedust.io exchange has so far rejected our application (although they initially confirmed the listing), citing the lack of revocation of the rights to issue a token ( they mistakenly do not take into account the specifics and technical details of our project). But you can still trade on this DEX using our official contract of our token)
  • Ninth Coin burning event: 250 000 BLKC were burned on 15th of February 2024 🔥🔥🔥
  • BlackHat Core wallet update (network update)
  • a number of AMA events were held, thank you for your support ❤️

How do you like this? slowly but surely — sometimes haste is unnecessary, if you know that I mean 😎 and you may ask: what do we want to show you in the second quarter? Let’s see!

We are happy and grateful for your activity to begin a new stage in building an approach to working on the project, including involving our most active community members in these decisions. By activity in this case we mean masternode owners who have the opportunity to vote within our DAO. Now you have a tool to directly influence development priorities and next goals. but let’s talk about everything in order:

for the near future, we have chosen 3 main issues for our team to work on:
- Official Cold Staking platform;
- BlackHat Faucet (free BLKC for everyone!);
- Gamification / Gambling (at the moment we can say that it is: a game, PvE and PvP and a new utility for the BLKC coin/token);

In order for the community to choose a priority direction of development for the project, we will launch a vote for masternode owners (as has already happened several times, but in previous cases we discussed minor questions of financing the merits of a number of users). and the priority in development on these 3 mentioned above cases will depend on the voting results. Now being the owner of a masternode means actually becoming one of the managers of the process! exciting, isn’t it?!

You can read more about the proposals put to vote on our official BlackHat forum but we will additionally remind you about the process and the start of voting on our official social networks. pssst, you still have time to take possession of a masternode and get voting rights (one masternode — one vote!).

At the same time, we will continue to conduct a quarterly burning of BLKC coins as part of our traditional activity, and will also conduct a series of AMAs to discuss with you the prospects, existing ideas and answer questions about the project for newcomers.

Let’s summarize.

  • DAO voting: masternode owners will determine the BlackHat’s vector of development;
  • Expansion, partnerships, new services (ongoing process). Possibly the closest result is the new masternode hosting;
  • Tenth Coin burning event: 250 000 BLKC to be burned on 15th of May 2024;
  • Exploring the prospect of BlackHat ecosystem expanding through gamification and gambling areas (ongoing process);
  • Event dedicated to the launch of 1000 masternodes in BlackHat Network (if 1000 masternodes are not reached, it will be rolled over to the next quarter).

I remind you that you can always get acquainted with the road map points completed on the projects, as well as the progress of the planned activities on our official website

sincerely yours BlackHat Team 😎

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