Q2 2023 summary

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2 min readJul 6, 2023


Q2 2023 was a period with a lot of networking meetings and challenging discussions for BlackHat team. It’s a pity but some of them we need to hide and keep anonymous for some reasons (at least for some time 😉). To summarize the main points of this part of our Road Map:

  • Building a bridge for BLKC coin to be tokenized on Arbitrum One network;
  • Listing BLKC (tokenized version on Arbitrum One) on UniSwap DEX;
  • Sixth Coin burning event: 250 000 BLKC to be burned on 17th of May 2023;
  • Regular internal security audit.

We worked so actively and hard that we even forgot to inform you in our social medias about the successful completion of the regular internal security audit of BlackHat network. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, we are forced to postpone several points of our roadmap to the next period (our plans for Q3 2023):

  • Seventh coin burning event: 250 000 BLKC;
  • exploring the prospect of BlackHat ecosystem expanding through gamification and gambling areas;
  • AMA with the core team representatives;
  • Marketing activities and BlackHat merch for sale. For now, this will be implemented through third-party online stores. But we’ll leave the most interesting for later…
  • Event dedicated to the launch of 1000 masternodes in BlackHat Network (if 1000 masternodes are not reached, it will be rolled over to the next quarter)

Negotiations on gambling and gamification are complex and require comprehensive study from all team members. Unfortunately, given the actively changing situation with the regulation of cryptocurrencies in a number of jurisdictions, we are experiencing a number of difficulties in this direction. The BlackHat team has always strived to work openly and within the law (although in general the scope of our project is still a “gray zone”, we are trying to anticipate and minimize possible risks for our community).

Some of you see a number of planned network upgrades and developments have been postponed but you can be sure that transferred is not the same as forgotten. So if you didn’t read in our announcements that we abandoned some of our previously voiced ideas, then they will be implemented later).

We updated our RoadMap, stay tuned with our news on main BlackHat socials.

Sincerely yours BlackHat Team

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