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Q1 2023 RoadMap

BlackHat Coin


Many analysts predict that 2023 will be a promising year for the world of cryptocurrencies and they are trying to anticipate trends… The BlackHat team will make every effort to meet market trends and only increase project performance. To do this, within the first quarter, we decided to complete the previously planned points of the road map, and also added several new. More on this below:

  1. BlackHat Core Wallet 5.5 release (17 of January)
  2. Exploring new CEX/DEX for listing
  3. Fifth Coin burning event: 200 000 BLKC burn (15 of February). 800k BLKC coins have been burned last year and including the upcoming burning event it makes 1 million burned coins in total!
  4. Event dedicated to the launch of 1000 masternodes in BlackHat Network (if 1000 masternodes are not reached, it will be rolled over to the next quarter)
  5. Building a bridge for BLKC coin to be tokenized on Polygon network (March)
  6. According to user requests we are researching the ways to make deposits of USDT to our official OTC platform
  7. This point allows us to expand the list of useful and interesting achievements of the Q1 😉

What do you think: who will win in 2023 bulls or bears? but remember that we are developing the project further anyway :) you can always check our plans and completed RoadMap points on our official website

sincerely yours BlackHat Team 😎

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