Introducing additional payment method on BlackHat OTC: USD

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2 min readMar 30, 2023

BlackHat project team is always looking for ways to improve the experience for customers. Since the launch of OTC, we have received many requests to add USDT as an additional trading asset on the platform. While BTC, LTC, ZEC, DASH came traditional payment methods are common, adding new option can benefit both the customer and the project. In order to expand the capabilities of our OTC, the team made improvements and added USD as a payment method (with possibility to deposit USD with the following crypto assets: USDT (ERC20, BEP20, TRC20), BUSD, USDC, BNB, TRX, ETH).

Here are some benefits of introducing an additional mean of payment on BlackHat OTC:
By adding a new payment option, BlackHat team offer to all of you greater convenience. If you prefer to use new crypto assets — now you can do it.
By offering a variety of payment options, you can choose the option you feel most secure using.
We hope you will also appreciate that we always try to develop the project in the directions that are most interesting to you.

We remind you that our OTC service can be used not only to buy BLKC coins without going through the KYC but also to wrap the main network coin into BSC, Ethereum and Polygon network tokens. And don’t forget about referral program everyone can join.

Below you can find links to articles with descriptions about those processes:

BlackHat OTC (description of the functionality of the service)
swapping BLKC to tokenized versions on BSC (same as Ethereum and Polygon networks)

We look forward to bringing future updates to this and all aspects of BlackHat project!

BlackHat Team
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