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6 min readMar 3, 2022


Hello guys! How it’s going there?

We’re constantly watching for other similar projects (not necessary private, because on my own opinion in scope of privacy excluding the “fathers” of privacy like DASH, ZEC and XMR there’s only one young and promising project — BlackHat Coin).

So, we found that many such small and yound projects are closing or freezing (but let’s be realists and understand that any “freezing” means closing). It mostly hapens due to current Wold situation and shows that projects which pretenging to look strong from the outside were really weak inside and couldn’t stand this crysis.
It’s so sad that it impacted that project’s communities (investors) and now they have nothing but coins which zero cost (or near-zero).

We’re thinking about how to give the second life tosuch communities of the closed small project and working on options how to merge that communities to our project (if it’s interesting for them) making BlackHat community even more broader. If you know such communities send them this information.

As we see, due to this WAR (which we all oppose), crypto become a defensive asset in which people all over the world preferred to save their money as showed by the growth of cryptocurrency market the last few days.

Ok. What’s about the BlackHat project itself?
No matter what’s going on in the world we’re not stoping our developing process for a single day! Yes, even though the current situation affected our team in one way or another, specifically the speed of development, but right now one part of our developers is doing their best to finish the Merchant System in this quater, while another part is already started researching the opportunity of tokenizing BLKC on blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, WAVES.

So, the process is ongoing and we’re on our way of creating the most convenient and secure way of making payments! Our infrastructure grows, many new services will be developed in the future.

Thanks for staying with us! Take your seats in the BLKC rocket, because “To The Moon” is inevitable!

But know the main rule: you will NOT become a millionaire in one day, month or even year. You need to have strong patience and faith in the bright future. You don’t have to “dump” all you boutht because the price got a little lower. Don’t be fool (it sounds rough a little, but this is the real life).

Take look on Bitcoin. Many of you could say “If I bought it when it was 1$ I would be …” .. a millionaire now? No, because many of you “dumped” it on the first correction move from 1$ to 0.5$ 🤦‍♂️
Only ones who waited a lot are now rewarded for the waiting.
Think about it.

Me when I hear from somebody “If I bought Bitcoin when it was 1$ I would be a millionaire now”

And a little remark for my previous pinned message in our official Telegram channel where I’ve told you that the price of BlackHat Coin doesn’t depend on the project’s Team only, it’s also in the community hands.
I have some things to add.

For “dumpers”: I saw that last two days about 1–2 MN was switched off which were definitely sold, and you can see it on some exchanges where were massive sell candles.
The one side of the situation: The “dumpers” are really dumb, selling their coins on such a cheap price which is almost free.
The second side of the situation: The strong hands got that masternodes and they know what to do

About the price. There’s few ways to make it higher and these ways are really in your hands!

The First way: Handling the sell price.
Take a look on the circulation supply of our coin.
Let’s do some simple math:
- At the moment I’m writing this we have 7 593 501 BLKC are generated.
- 807 MN are started which is 4 035 000 BLKC
- Project fund is 865 855 BLKC
So, there’s only 2 692 646 BLKC on the market, but the real amount is lower, because some part of them is definitely used for staking.

It’s extreamly small amount, it’s rare fossil. So why are you selling it so cheap?
Just go to the exchanges, set your sell orders, for example, not lower than 1$. Yes, in this case you couldn’t sell them immediately and you have to wait some time, because every time there’s one who “dumps” cheap, but the “dumpers” have no infinity amount of coins and sooner or later the buyers will have to buy your 1$ coins if they want to setup a Masternode or stake coins. And each “dumper” will regret that sold his coins cheap.

Selling cheap you make double mistake. The first mistake is itself selling cheap while you are able to sell higher price, just beleive in it and take your time, train your patience. The second mistake is goes from the first one which affects the price growth process.

The Second way: do not sit and wait, take some actions, it’s easy!
You can use your social medias broadcasting the information to your subscribers about BLKC, you can tell about BlackHat Coin to your friends, acquaintances. Tell them about its perspective and for the moment — its cheap price (as long as we have some “sorry dumpers”).
You can contribute to the expansion and increase in the recognition of our coin by reposting the content in our socials, tagging us in some other people’s tweets, etc.

Remember, the price of the coin is not gonna grow by its own, everybody should do some actions to help the growth. As investors, each of you should be interested in its growth, so you’re able to make some moves to speed up of this process!

From our side, we’re constantly developing its services and infrastructure, trying to publish the information about it in some internet crypto websites and news portals, etc.

Only the solidarity and joint actions of our entire community will accelerate the process of popularization and consequently the growth of the value of the coin.

Summing up it all.
We’re working, no crisis can break us!
We don’t even have a thought about closing or freezing, because we know that the time during crysis is the best time to all kind of projects.

Also, please, show us your support and subscribe as many our socials as you can to stay tuned and sometimes we’re giving away some BLKC as a checks there (different checks for different socials, so subscibe everything):
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Thanks everyone who stays with us, who doesn’t “dump” coins, who supports us!
Together we’ll definitely become the most safest and convenient way of making payments!

And for the one who’ve read all the article:

Hurry UP! Only one lucky person can get these coins!!!



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