#blkcismybitcoin challenge

BlackHat Coin
2 min readDec 23, 2021


We got some feedback that we need to clarify the rules of our Twitter challenge #blkcismybitcoin for the community. And here we go: in August BlackHat Project announced the #blkcismybitcoin challenge and asked to help the community of the project to find its ambassador. Rules stay the same and to get a masternode for free as a reward (5,000 BLKC) you just need:

1. to get positive feedback about the project from a well-known influencer in the Twitter social network.
The project team proposes a number of possible candidates:

2. to be subscribed to the official Twitter account of BlackHat (@blkcoin)
3. to mark @blkcoin in a tweets addressed to a celebrity
4. to indicate the challenge hashtag #blkcismybitcoin in the tweet. Other hashtags related to the project are welcome as well: #blackhatcoin #blkc

The number of the winners is limited to the first 3 lucky ones!

Of course, the main idea of the challenge is to find our Ambassador but for firstly it would be enough to get some kind and positive feedback from well-known influencers!

And the most important part of this challenge: how to do it to get more chances!

Every participant can submit multiple entries. It means that you can make your posts as often as you can per day AND every day. Of course, you can do it through selfies, photos, videos or simple tweets. Some influencers you can ask to make a short review of BlackHat Project, become our ambassador or list BLKC to well-known exchanges. Be as creative as you can and make some hype! But be care with twitter anti-spam bot 😊

– Ensure all 4 reporting steps are followed in order to qualify for the prize pool
– No NSFW, let’s keep it family-friendly.

P.S. This reboot of the challenge still can also be considered as an open invitation from the Project’s team to cooperate with well-known influencers. If you are aligned with our main goal of transactions privacy — just contact us by email (bonus@blackhatco.in). The Era of privacy needs your action!

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