BlackHat Project OTC

BlackHat Coin
2 min readNov 25, 2021


Due to high number of requests to buy BLKC directly from the team (the situation did not change even after the BLKC listing on the TradeOgre exchange, where there is no KYC), we’ve decided to include such point as OTC in our roadmap. In this article, we’ll briefly describe the functionality of this service (

First of all, let’s define what the service is created for and what are the advantages:

no KYC at all

you can buy any possible amount of BLKC very quickly directly from the team. No need to collect orders on different trading pairs or exchanges to get amount you need. but of course it affects the price (a little bit higher than current market price and not less than 1.4$)

you can sell BLKC to our team but only if OTC balance of cryptocurrency you’re selling for is positive. Of course the possibility to sell quick also affects the price (it will be less than market price).

Account balance and supported crypto

you can Deposit and Withdraw all supported crypto (see above) as usually

and the main idea of OTC — the exchange. Just choose the crypto you’re selling and/or buying. After you type the amount of currency you want to sell/buy you will see the amount of currency you will get.

in case when you want to buy big amount of BlackHat coins and the balance of OTC in BLKC is lower then you need — just contact us (official Telegram accounts: @dgride, @MrAlexBlackHat) and we will deposit more coins there.

If you are thinking that OTC is not for you… you can always use the exchanges that support BLKC.

It’s the first iteration of our own OTC service, we will develop it in future and add some new features. As usually you may send your ideas and proposals to BlackHat Team. We all need to stay together on guard of the privacy.