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3 min readMay 24, 2023

BlackHat Coin Expands its Reach with Arbitrum One: Introducing a Wrapped Token

As you all already know BlackHat coin is a privacy focused decentralized cryptocurrency providing truly anonymous untraceable transactions based on PoS consensus and zk-SNARKs data protection protocol (Zero Knowledge Proof). Today BlackHat project has recently made a significant stride in expanding its presence by integrating with the Arbitrum One blockchain. This integration brings opportunities for both the BlackHat community and DeFi ecosystem lovers. One of the key developments resulting from this partnership is the introduction of BlackHat Coin as a wrapped token on Arbitrum One.

The Rise of Arbitrum One
Arbitrum One, developed by Offchain Labs, is a highly scalable and efficient Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. It offers significant benefits such as faster transaction speeds, reduced gas fees, and improved scalability, addressing some of the critical limitations of the Ethereum network. As a result, many DeFi projects are turning to Arbitrum One as a means to enhance user experiences and alleviate congestion on the Ethereum blockchain.

This is why, after implementing wrapped BLKC tokens for the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks, the team made the decision to allow the community to use the wrapped token on the Arbitrum One network.

The integration of BlackHat Coin with the Arbitrum One blockchain marks an exciting milestone for both projects and the broader DeFi community. By introducing BlackHat Coin as a wrapped token on Arbitrum One, users gain access to improved scalability, reduced fees, and enhanced user experiences. As the DeFi space continues to evolve, such partnerships and integrations pave the way for increased adoption and a more secure and efficient ecosystem. BlackHat Coin’s expansion onto Arbitrum One demonstrates the project’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing robust solutions for the challenges faced by the DeFi industry.

Today we are opening one more gate from BlackHat mainnet to Arbitrum network (tokenized version of BLKC on new network has the same name as an original coin and tokens on Binance Smart Chain, Etherium and Polygon chains opened earlier) and as usual two-way bridge is available to swap in both directions on our OTC exchange:
BlackHat mainnet <-> BLKC token on Arbitrum

NOTE: please be careful with the token contract address and always double check it before you do any swap on DEX and/or wallet.

From now BLKC token is available on Arbitrum chain with official contract address: 0x8626264B6a1B4e920905Efd381002abA52EA0Eea
and this info is is about to be updated on CMC and Coingecko pages

We are also glad to tell you that BLKC token on Arbitrum One network is already available to trade on Uniswap exchange

BLKC token has been added to UniSwap exchange and is available immediately with BLKC / USDT pair for trading and Liquidity Providers (we provided start of the trading with a symbolic amount of liquidity for this pair, while inviting members of the community to become liquidity providers. The team does not exclude the possibility of opening its own liquidity pool in the near future, but we are currently directing the available funds for the further development of the project).

Reminde you that more information about BLKC token and BlackHat OTC updates can be found at the following link (the description of the article is about BSC swapping but the way to swap BLKC to Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum is the same):
# OTC price change | BLKC token | referral system[link]

We look forward to bringing future updates to this and all aspects of BlackHat project!

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