BlackHat Merchant system is coming

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2 min readMay 2, 2022

Behind our project is already a year. We are still young and ambitious in our ideas, confidently look to the future and plan to bring a lot of useful and interesting things to the world of the crypto industry this year (and continue to delight you in the future!).

This announce precedes the launch of an important and very useful part of our RoadMap — the release of the Merchant System (Thursday 05.05). We will tell you about our system in a release day more and show you some opportunities how to use it.

All you need to know today that you can use the BlackHat project Merchant system in two ways:

- issue invoices for payment directly from your account via the BlackHat Merchant web interface: you do not need an online-store, just sell something and create a bill to the buyer for his payment;

- integrate our Merchant system to your online store via API and use the full trading power of paying with anonymous cryptocurrency!

Of course, as always, you will be able to use both the public and private layers of BLKC, but about the details… on Thursday ;) If you remember one of our goals is to make crypto easy for everyone — and this step is only the beginning.

We will spend some of our time to find some good collaborations to bring the Merchant system in real life by partnership with good sellers and cool online-stores. But we also are asking you to help us with this idea and we will reward everyone who can find a partner willing to implement and use our Merchant system.

Some rules for you to get a reward with 1000 BLKC (for each partner you have onboarded):

- connecting our API to an online-store of this partner (we will check the store creation date to avoid cheating of scammers);
- posting information about cooperation with BlackHat project on the website and social networks of that online-store;
- a purchase of at least 500 BLKC must be made through this store.

DONE! contact @Dgride in Telegram to get your reward.

As you can see — nothing hard, but helping us with this mission you able to get a reward and the most important thing is to become a part of history in crypto adoption sphere!
Let the games begin!

sincerely yours BlackHat Team

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