BlackHat Coin — Q2–2021 results and achievements, Q3–2021 goals and plans.

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3 min readJul 1, 2021

Hello to all the BlackHat community!

First of all from all our team we would like to thank each of you for being with us and for your continuous support! This was a challenging quarter which build up a strong and solid foundation to the future development and achievements.

It’s hard to believe that so little time have passed and we’ve already built so many things although the first team meeting was only in the end of 2020 and today our blockchain is already two months old! Now we’re looking on the path we walked through and we understood that we definitely chosed the right one.

As it’s been said before, unlike any other crypto coins the aim of BlackHat project is not only to create a trading asset but also to build a strong infrastructure around it.

What do we mean saying “infrastructure”?

Imagine yourself that if you have BlackHat wallet you are able to pay for services and goods everywhere and as much easy as using a traditional bank card. To achieve it we are building some set of services which will help you to manage your finances like applications for PC, mobile and web. All of these payment services should be available for anyone and easy to use in order to achieve the «mass adoption» of the BlackHat coin.

Before we start talking about future goals let’s recall all the achievements of BlackHat Team for the Q2–2021.

- January — 20 April: preparing our blockchain and PC wallet. The blockchain has been started on 30th of April;
- March: Developing our first «referral airdrop program» (for the ones who patrticipated it’s known as Its development was started in early March and the referral program was opened on 1st of April.
- May: website release
- May: exchanges listing:,,
- June: WEB wallet release

Of course there was a lot of other work «behind the scenes» which isn’t mentioned here, but it was really hard and challenging quarter. And yes, we’re finished all the tasks for Q2 ahead the schedule, so so we had some time to rest! 😉

Now we’re starting a new chapter in BlackHat project — Q3.

In the near future we’ll update the roadmap on our official website, but first we would like to give you a sneak peak of what we’re planning to work on.

And now we’ll tell you about the most important goals for the Q3–2021 (but only a few from the main ones):

- In upcoming weeks we will release an update for our blockchain and PC wallets. This update will be a mandatory one which enables “Cold Staking” feature.

It means that for staking coins instead keeping your wallet on 24/7 you could use remote BlackHat wallet or node started on server in Internet and delegate your coins to it for staking. This is very convenient and secure because your coins remain in your wallet and remote host is staking them for you. Rewards also comes directly to your wallet.

- Mobile Wallet development is already started (as we go ahead the schedule, you know 😉) and will be released in about 1 month. This will be not an ordinary mobile app, but we’ll not put all our cards on the table right now :)

After all the wallets is ready we’ll start our Merchant system development.

What is the Merchant system?

This is a kind of payment processing system which could be easily integrated on any website, store, Telegram channel and so on. It will provide payments for services and goods in secure, and most importantly, anonymous way (where it’s required). It will be really simple: as for stores to integrate, as for users to pay.

All the wallets will be integrated in the system, so you can buy service or goods for BlackHat coins in one-two clicks or even scanning a QR code from your wallet!

In addition, there will be many more interesting things which we are keeping in secret for now, so to know about all the news follow our social medias.

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