2021 summary and BlackHat plans for the next year

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3 min readDec 28, 2021


2021 was a great year for the BlackHat Team: we have brought the idea of ​​our own project to life, have already done a lot within it and have planned even more for the next year! We moved some of our plans (merchant system and faucet) to the next year due to COVID, personal and technical reasons. But be sure the BlackHat Team will keep all our promises.

Let’s go through our 2021 roadmap together and see what has already been created this year (I will provide you some links if you missed something or didn’t know).

January — 20 April: preparing our blockchain and PC wallet. The blockchain has been started on 30th of April;
March: Developing our first «referral airdrop program» (for the ones who participated it’s known as fair.blackhatco.in). Its development was started in early March and the referral program was opened on 1st of April.
May: website release https://blackhatco.in and exchanges listings: dex-trade.com, crex24.com, vindax.com
June: WEB wallet release https://wallet.blackhatco.in

July: cold staking https://forum.blackhatco.in/viewtopic.php?t=49
August: Mobile Telegram wallet (@BlackHatWalletBot in Telegram). exchange listing: Bilaxy.com
September: Governance system of BlackHat Project (https://explorer.blackhatco.in/governance). Shared staking pool for web and mobile wallets (https://forum.blackhatco.in/viewtopic.php?t=85).

October: exchange listing TradeOgre.com
November: exchange listing Graviex.net, release of BlackHat Project OTC trading system

All this time we made updates of our network and wallets: 5.3.0 and 5.3.2 (September), 5.3.3 (November) and 5.4.0 (December) constantly improving the blockchain stability and speed!

We effectively collaborated with such news portals as cointelegraph.com, ambcrypto.com, newsbtc.com, bitcoinist.com. Made a partnership with several masternode services like: masternodes.biz, crypos.io, ihostmn.com, MNPoSTree.com and masternodes.online (our community members have already started more than 700 masternodes).

Looks great, isn’t it? But what will you say about our 2022 plans 😊

  • merchant system and BLKC merch shop. It will be the first and clear example of how to use our merchant system (every online-store will be able to do it)
hoodie sample
T-shirt sample
cap sample
  • wrapped BLKC token
  • NFT
  • global charity project in BlackHat ecosystem
  • deterministic masternodes
  • coins burning (somewhere in February)
  • new AMA’s (closest AMA will be in January with XT.com community)
  • new listings (next listing will be in January on XT.com)
  • ongoing blockchain updates

We will update our RoadMap very soon, stay tuned with our news.

It’s hard to believe that so little time has passed and we’ve already built so many things although the first steps were done only at the end of 2020 and today our blockchain is already 9 months old! This was a challenging year which built up a strong and solid foundation to the future development and achievements. Now we’re looking on the path we walked through and we understood that we definitely chose the right one.

This past year has been one for the books! We just want to say how thankful we are for your support this year, and we’re wishing you and your families all the best (be healthy, to keep or find your love, get true friends and to make as many X as you can) as we enter a new 2022 year with amazing opportunities!

sincerely yours BlackHat Team 😎

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